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Let's put it out there; Mitton Hall is beautiful, and certainly one of my favourite wedding venues.

I have been fortunate to provide wedding photography at Mitton Hall as well as attending a wedding as a guest and have had such a fantastic time and been looked after wonderfully by their professional and attentive staff.

Set in the heart of the Ribble Valley, this romantic 15th Century Manor House combines historic architectural features and stunning contemporary interior design perfectly to create a wedding venue that is beautiful and extravagant while maintaining it's homely comfortable feel. Equally suited to smaller intimate weddings as well as larger weddings of up to 200 people.

As I've said above, I absolutely LOVE providing wedding photography at Mitton Hall and would love to do so again in the future.

Contact me today to discuss the beautiful wedding wedding photography packages I can provide whether you are getting married at Mitton Hall, or any other North West or UK wedding venue.
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