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As a trusted and preferred wedding photographer at Bolton School, you will see some of my images on their website. I have been fortunate to shoot quite a number of beautiful weddings at this stunning North West wedding venue over the years.

As a Manchester and Bolton wedding photographer, I love that this venue blends the old and the new, there are not many wedding venues in Bolton that offer such a mix. There is the Great hall which dates back to the beginning of last century and is magnificent and the Arts Centre Main Hall which maintains it's history inside but has a more modern entrance. There is also 'that staircase' which provides the most stunning backdrop to any wedding portrait and makes a fantastic location for group shots should the weather not be at its best.

Bolton School also offers Queens Park a short distance away that, if you would like to take a small amount of time from your day, makes for a lovely location for a quiet stroll and some stunning portraits.

Contact me today to discuss the beautiful wedding wedding photography packages I can provide whether you are getting married at Bolton School, or any other North West or UK wedding venue.

Below is a small selection of my wedding photographs from Bolton School
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