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Bolton School Wedding Photography - Mark & Lis

May 12, 2017  •  3 Comments

Mark & Lis were married back in March 2017 and I had the pleasure of photographing their special day.

The day started for me at Lis's parents house where she and her bridesmaids were busy with their preparations, hair and make-up was in progress. The atmosphere was nice and relaxed and the weather was beautiful.

While I was at the brides house, Lisa, who was kindly assisting me on the day, went over to meet the groom and his groomsmen to capture their preparations...along with getting dressed there was some gin sampling going on.

Around 11:30, transport arrived on the form of the most beautifully restored VW camper; Delilah, and the bridesmaids made their way to the venue followed shortly after by the bride and her father.

The venue for the ceremony was St Andrew & St George United Reform Church, Bolton and the wedding breakfast and reception being held at Bolton School. I love the venues Mark and Lis and chosen, not just because they both provide cracking locations to shoot in, but both have strong historical ties with the Lever and the Hulme families who are both very prominent in the history of Bolton and also happen to the Mark & Lis's surnames.

Following the service there was a little time to shoot inside the church using the stunning stained glass window as a backdrop before we moved on to Bolton School. Upon arrival, we were greeted as ever by the lovely Adele & Alex who always make sure the day runs smoothly and everyone's needs are catered for. Bride and groom portraits were followed by the wedding breakfast but not before some memorable speeches by the father of the bride, the groom and the best man.

As the evening approached there was definitely a feeling that this was going to turn into an amazing reception and I was not disappointed, I think I had as much fun shooting the dancing as the guests did throwing their shapes.

Thank you Mark and Lis for having me along for the ride. I hope you have a long and happy marriage, here are a small selection of my favourite images from the day.


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Service at St Andrew & St George United Reform Church, Bolton

Wedding Breakfast & Reception at Bolton School

Make-up by Leena Makeup

Flowers by Floristic Flowers

VW Camper from The Love Bus wedding Company

Groom prep and 2nd photography by Lisa M Sutch

Mark & Lis Wedding-10032Mark & Lis Wedding-10032
Mark & Lis Wedding-10007Mark & Lis Wedding-10007 Mark & Lis Wedding-10073Mark & Lis Wedding-10073
Mark & Lis Wedding-10088Mark & Lis Wedding-10088 Mark & Lis Wedding-10054Mark & Lis Wedding-10054
Mark & Lis Wedding-10116Mark & Lis Wedding-10116
Mark & Lis Wedding-10143Mark & Lis Wedding-10143 Mark & Lis Wedding-10147Mark & Lis Wedding-10147
Mark & Lis Wedding-10158Mark & Lis Wedding-10158 Mark & Lis Wedding-10210Mark & Lis Wedding-10210
Mark & Lis Wedding-10229Mark & Lis Wedding-10229 Mark & Lis Wedding-10237Mark & Lis Wedding-10237
Mark & Lis Wedding-10244Mark & Lis Wedding-10244
Mark & Lis Wedding-10253Mark & Lis Wedding-10253
Mark & Lis Wedding-10482Mark & Lis Wedding-10482 Mark & Lis Wedding-10274Mark & Lis Wedding-10274
Mark & Lis Wedding-10307Mark & Lis Wedding-10307 Mark & Lis Wedding-10313Mark & Lis Wedding-10313
Mark & Lis Wedding-10358Mark & Lis Wedding-10358
Mark & Lis Wedding-10335Mark & Lis Wedding-10335 Mark & Lis Wedding-10375Mark & Lis Wedding-10375
Mark & Lis Wedding-10382Mark & Lis Wedding-10382
Mark & Lis Wedding-10396Mark & Lis Wedding-10396 Mark & Lis Wedding-10394Mark & Lis Wedding-10394
Mark & Lis Wedding-10441Mark & Lis Wedding-10441 Mark & Lis Wedding-10439Mark & Lis Wedding-10439
Mark & Lis Wedding-10462Mark & Lis Wedding-10462
Mark & Lis Wedding-10468Mark & Lis Wedding-10468
Mark & Lis Wedding-10521Mark & Lis Wedding-10521
Mark & Lis Wedding-10526Mark & Lis Wedding-10526 Mark & Lis Wedding-10548Mark & Lis Wedding-10548
Mark & Lis Wedding-10576Mark & Lis Wedding-10576
Mark & Lis Wedding-10582Mark & Lis Wedding-10582
Mark & Lis Wedding-10593Mark & Lis Wedding-10593
Mark & Lis Wedding-10615Mark & Lis Wedding-10615 Mark & Lis Wedding-10621Mark & Lis Wedding-10621
Mark & Lis Wedding-10627Mark & Lis Wedding-10627
Mark & Lis Wedding-10663Mark & Lis Wedding-10663 Mark & Lis Wedding-10879Mark & Lis Wedding-10879
Mark & Lis Wedding-10677Mark & Lis Wedding-10677 Mark & Lis Wedding-10669Mark & Lis Wedding-10669
Mark & Lis Wedding-10715Mark & Lis Wedding-10715
Mark & Lis Wedding-10691Mark & Lis Wedding-10691 Mark & Lis Wedding-10706Mark & Lis Wedding-10706
Mark & Lis Wedding-10734Mark & Lis Wedding-10734 Mark & Lis Wedding-10741Mark & Lis Wedding-10741
Mark & Lis Wedding-10758Mark & Lis Wedding-10758
Mark & Lis Wedding-10749Mark & Lis Wedding-10749 Mark & Lis Wedding-10769Mark & Lis Wedding-10769
Mark & Lis Wedding-10819Mark & Lis Wedding-10819 Mark & Lis Wedding-10831Mark & Lis Wedding-10831
Mark & Lis Wedding-10847Mark & Lis Wedding-10847 Mark & Lis Wedding-10827Mark & Lis Wedding-10827
Mark & Lis Wedding-10853Mark & Lis Wedding-10853 Mark & Lis Wedding-10799Mark & Lis Wedding-10799 Mark & Lis Wedding-10815Mark & Lis Wedding-10815
Mark & Lis Wedding-10910Mark & Lis Wedding-10910
Mark & Lis Wedding-10920Mark & Lis Wedding-10920 Mark & Lis Wedding-10924Mark & Lis Wedding-10924
Mark & Lis Wedding-10957Mark & Lis Wedding-10957 Mark & Lis Wedding-11003Mark & Lis Wedding-11003
Mark & Lis Wedding-11013Mark & Lis Wedding-11013 Mark & Lis Wedding-11015Mark & Lis Wedding-11015
Mark & Lis Wedding-10948Mark & Lis Wedding-10948
Mark & Lis Wedding-11046Mark & Lis Wedding-11046
Mark & Lis Wedding-11050Mark & Lis Wedding-11050
Mark & Lis Wedding-11052Mark & Lis Wedding-11052
Mark & Lis Wedding-11206Mark & Lis Wedding-11206
Mark & Lis Wedding-11225Mark & Lis Wedding-11225
Mark & Lis Wedding-11251Mark & Lis Wedding-11251
Mark & Lis Wedding-10774Mark & Lis Wedding-10774 Mark & Lis Wedding-11180Mark & Lis Wedding-11180
Mark & Lis Wedding-11196Mark & Lis Wedding-11196
Mark & Lis Wedding-11295Mark & Lis Wedding-11295
Mark & Lis Wedding-11298Mark & Lis Wedding-11298
Mark & Lis Wedding-11305Mark & Lis Wedding-11305 Mark & Lis Wedding-11301Mark & Lis Wedding-11301
Mark & Lis Wedding-11326Mark & Lis Wedding-11326 Mark & Lis Wedding-11330Mark & Lis Wedding-11330
Mark & Lis Wedding-11343Mark & Lis Wedding-11343
Mark & Lis Wedding-11355Mark & Lis Wedding-11355 Mark & Lis Wedding-11361Mark & Lis Wedding-11361
Mark & Lis Wedding-11331Mark & Lis Wedding-11331 Mark & Lis Wedding-11433Mark & Lis Wedding-11433
Mark & Lis Wedding-11374Mark & Lis Wedding-11374
Mark & Lis Wedding-11418Mark & Lis Wedding-11418 Mark & Lis Wedding-11420Mark & Lis Wedding-11420
Mark & Lis Wedding-11488Mark & Lis Wedding-11488
Mark & Lis Wedding-11439Mark & Lis Wedding-11439 Mark & Lis Wedding-11435Mark & Lis Wedding-11435
Mark & Lis Wedding-11463Mark & Lis Wedding-11463 Mark & Lis Wedding-11457Mark & Lis Wedding-11457
Mark & Lis Wedding-11470Mark & Lis Wedding-11470 Mark & Lis Wedding-11476Mark & Lis Wedding-11476
Mark & Lis Wedding-11482Mark & Lis Wedding-11482
Mark & Lis Wedding-11446Mark & Lis Wedding-11446 Mark & Lis Wedding-11444Mark & Lis Wedding-11444



Matt Warrington(non-registered)
Brilliant set of images Carl - Love the party atmosphere at the end.
Love those party shots, felt like I was dancing with them :)
Another great set of images mate - impressive
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